About us

Alfred Becker, a family owned Company since 1885, now internationally known as ALBEC, began as a Bookbinding business in Dresden, Germany, founded by the great-grandfather of the present owner. After surviving the turbulent times of the 1920's and 30's the factory was completely destroyed in 1945.

After the Second World War the company moved to Lauterbach in Hessen (then in West Germany) where the son and grandson of the founder, Alfred and Gerhart Becker successfully rebuilt the business.

After the death of his father in 1967 Gerhart Becker owned and managed the Company until 1984 when he was joined by his son Michael, a fully qualified degree trained engineer.

In 1996 the factory was further expanded to allow for increased production. In 2002 after the retirement of his father, Michael assumed ownership of ALBEC becoming the fourth generation of the family to own and run the business.

For many years ALBEC has specialised in the storage of finest quality cutlery (flatware). To this end ALBEC manufactures a wide range of quality products which include the very popular self-assembly cutlery storage system, boxes, cabinets, cutlery rolls and bespoke, made to measure cutlery drawer inserts.

ALBEC's business is built on Quality and Service and today's workforce pride themselves on the high standard of their workmanship, much of it still done by hand and often to satisfy the particular needs of individual customers.